OK, so I’ve blogged before, but never with much in the way of purpose. But then, almost a year ago now, I got a job. Now, this isn’t actually an unusual thing, I’ve had jobs before. The exciting part for me was that it was my dream job (Aside from Rockstar Astronaut), as a bookseller for Waterstones. I’ve loved reading since I physically could, and I was intensely encouraged by my wonderful Mum, who would buy me all sorts, and really encouraged a passion for reading which has never left me since. As the months went by, I went from Christmas Temp, to Children’s section manager. I couldn’t believe my luck, I love kids books, especially teen and young adult titles, so this just seemed perfect for me. I’ve tried to throw myself at it with all the passion and drive I have for the world of books, and contacted publishers about proof editions of titles not out at the moment, writing reviews for them, and posting them up on As time went by, my fiancée convinced me that I should start writing longer reviews for a blog online. I thought, yeah, that’s probably a good idea, and then didn’t really do much about it. But now I have!

Erm… That’s about it really. See ya’ll later!



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