Darran Stobbart loves Waterstones Northallerton

Here’s me, talking some gibberish about my favourite bookshop.

My Favourite Bookshop

When I was younger (so much younger than today), I lived on an RAF base.

For those of you who don’t know how that can be, let me tell you, there’s not an awful lot for a 5-10 year old to really do, especially not a great big sissy like myself. So I read. I read anything & everything I could get my hands on. The library van visited the base once a week, & through that & my school, I had a sporadic introduction to the literary world through a mish-mash of books, from Goosebumps & Horrible Histories, to The Tripods Trilogy & the Diary of Anne Frank.

When I moved off the base at the age 12, we moved to a small market town in North Yorkshire called Northallerton. There were many new & exciting facets to living in a town as opposed to a military instillation, but…

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