Timeless, elsewhere…

My brother, on some of the exciting indies from this year’s E3.

It’s been a busy month or so since my last post and I haven’t really settled on much at all. My friends and I had a get together to watch the live streams of E3 which which was nice on both counts! Nice to spend time with friends and have intelligent debate about video games, nice streams too with only Sony being a mild disappointment. I say disappointment… they did show my favourite game of E3, “No Man’s Sky” which I have been struggling to articulate my excitement for.


No Man’s Sky looks, at least from my impressions of it, like everything I look for in game. Genre aside (which goes without saying, I love) it’s the premise that excites me the most. As a child I revelled in exploration, ever eager to discover, infiltrate and often trespass just to let my eyes feast on the new surroundings…

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