The Accident Season by Moïra Fowley Doyle

I mentioned this in my Things to Look Out For in 2015 post… This book absolutely burned through me. It ate up my insides and lived in my heart until it was all I could think about. I’m still thinking about it, days later. Seriously beautiful fiction…

The jacket fits perfectly.

The jacket fits perfectly.

The Accident Season arrives every October. Cara and her entire family suddenly become accident prone for 31 days – cuts and bruises, broken bones… Even deaths. Cara’s best friend Bea reads her tarot cards and tells her that this year might be the worst in years. But Cara’s world is confused, crazed and swirling – A girl has gone missing, a classmate called Elsie, who inexplicably shows up in every single one of Cara’s photographs, and Cara is determined that she holds the key to the Accident Season. Her older sister Alice doesn’t even believe in the whole thing, despite her own injuries. And her ex-step-brother Sam (still a part of the Accident Season despite his lack of blood relation) is an enigma that she cannot fathom.

I think The Accident Season might be the best book I’ve read this year so far? Certainly the best debut so far this year. All of Moïra’s characters are wonderfully melancholy and dramatic, full of messy flaws and simmering with youthful angst. Cara is a whirlwind of chaos and confusion, determined to understand the world around her, even when it seems to make no sense. Her confused feelings towards the accidents, to her own memories and her family are beautifully dreamlike and frustratingly just out of reach. Bea in particular is one of my favourite characters in the book, her tongue in cheek wildchild nature is intoxicating, and her powerful, fiery heart is brilliant – her passion for her friends is tenacious and unquenchable. Alice’s dark, angry energy permeates the novel as well, adding a storm-like quality to everything that goes on and creates a sense of desperate secrecy. Sam is angry too, but his is a quiet, simmering rage that counterbalances Alice’s destructive perfectly. Their mother is wonderfully melancholy as well, a constant fear for her children and a permanent sadness wraps her up in a distracted and tragic aura.


What really made me fall so madly, insatiably in love with The Accident Season was the style with which Moïra writes though. This book is beyond lyrical, it’s perfectly poetic, and every word, every slight metaphor has a hundred meanings that radiate throughout the book, coming together stunningly at the end, as the secrets that each character finally spill out into the atmosphere. The way she weaves a dreamy, partly real, partly theatrical narrative is absolutely mind blowing, twisting the reader’s perceptions about the very fabric of reality until we’re just as confused as the characters, but even more invested in their struggle. The wildness to the characters, their reckless and driven desire to live like there truly is no tomorrow is hypnotic and made my pulse race, gluing me to each tragic, frantic page.

I don’t think I’ve read a book that deals with such complex, dark and powerful themes as this in a very long time. The secrets that it holds are painful and difficult, and the way it touches upon such delicate ideas is perfect, powerful and filled with respect. It shows the reader that lies and secrets are our own undoing, and it does so with grace and beautiful prose. If you enjoyed We Were Liars, this is a whole step up in terms of twisting deception and dramatic, extravagant writing style. It’s nothing short of a masterpiece of dark, borderline fantasy and I recommend everyone picks it up as soon as it’s on sale. It’s going to remembered forever, I hope.

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3 responses to “The Accident Season by Moïra Fowley Doyle

  1. I thought it was brilliant too! I loved the metaphors and the changelings and it was just beautiful ❤
    I'll be reviewing it as well!
    Such high praise^-^

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