Free Writing No. 1 – Half a World

So, I’m trying to write something. A fictional something. Right now it’s about 32,000 words and I have literally no idea if any of them are good or terrible or whatever. But one of the writing techniques I was recommended was Free Writing, where you sit for 20 minutes and write the first thing that comes into your head. It’s been fun so far! I’m not going to post all of them, because some of them are kinda awful, but I thought I might edit some of them and share them on here to see if anyone cares in the slightest! I’m really not expecting anyone to, but stranger things have happened. I mean, it rains frogs in some places. This being read is pretty normal by comparison.

Shut up Darran.

Silence echoed throughout the gym hall that housed the talent show, punctuated by a single awkward cough. Down beneath me, a hundred or so eyes gazed up at me as I stood on the stage, waiting for me to start. Someone laughed nervously, obviously assuming that this boy in full makeup and dress, wielding a guitar, was some sort of novelty drag act. Nothing but a comedy cabaret played for laughs. There was only one girl in that audience who knew that this was me as I truly was, as only I could feel comfortable. I sought out her green, fierce eyes, and my heart swelled as I saw her immediately in front of me – stage front and centre, just like she’d promised. I stepped up to the microphone and hesitated.

What if they keep thinking this is a joke? And where is the rest of my band? I thought to myself. But time was running on, and I could already see Mrs Erenmeyer frantically gesticulating with impatience. She had no idea I’d planned on performing dressed as a girl either, but she hadn’t batted an eyelid when I arrived dressed like this. Clearly she’d run enough high school talent shows in her time to find the idea of a teenage boy cross dressing positively tame.

There was a hum of energy from the PA as my red wig brushed against the microphone, and finally I found my courage and my voice.

‘Hi,’ I said, trying to maintain a bored, Alanis Morissette drawl, ‘My names Emily Dart, and this is…’

I faltered. I had no band. They’d freaked out when I told them that I planned on performing as Emily, tried to explain to them that Emily is who I really am. All those songs of teen angst we’d written together take on a whole new world when you realise that I really am struggling more than your average horny teenager.

“And this is Unqualified Architects.” Came a voice over the PA. To my right, Anthony was saddling up his lime green guitar, a sudden hiss of static as he pushed down his distortion pedal. I felt my heart catch in my throat as Mike picked up his bass on my left and Adrian sat down behind his drums, adjusting the stool to account for his gigantic frame.

“Warning, we’re really fucking loud.” Anthony spat into the mic, fixing me with a savage grin of devil-may-care styling, full of punk rock attitude. Mrs Erenmyer’s face was a mask of purple rage.

We broke into Half a World, one of the first songs me and Ant had written, four years ago. I slammed my glittered converse into the distortion pedal at my feet, and felt power surge through me as I hammered out the aggressive 16th note riff on my old blue guitar. I spun around in a rapturous spin of elation, feeling my brain explode with endorphins as my pale cream summer dress flowed outwards with my twist. Mike burst into a high-end bass solo that told me I had just a bar before I needed to be back at the microphone. Behind me, Adrian was pinning us down with a tight, machine-gun fire drum beat on the snare.

‘I know that I’m not whole, but I know a lot more than you.’ I crooned into the mic, as Anthony and Mike spat aggressively into theirs the backing refrain,

‘What do you know? What do you know?’ They chanted.

I saw the girl I loved in front of me, not bobbing her head, or tapping along with the music, but arms and legs flailing wildly with pure energy and passion. Right then, I felt like the most important girl in the world, and I could escape the unimaginable feeling of rightness as my painted nails flew up and down the fretboard.

So that was a thing! What came out of my brain! I hope you liked it. If you want to tell me anything about it. feel free to leave a comment, or tweet me (@ShinraAlpha) – I look forward to your torrents of abuse.




2 responses to “Free Writing No. 1 – Half a World

  1. YAAAS, I really liked this. I love this exercise, it’s really good for loosening up but you can write so much better than me, ha! If you ever need someone to look something over or give what you write a read hit me up ^^ I have zero experience but I’d love to see what kind of YA novel you write 🙂

    • Thanks Fiona! Since starting this, I’ve been writing cost to 2000 words a day in my WIP. I’m always up for sending stuff to people, so I’ll keep you in mind!

      I bet you write like a hero, anyway. ❤

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