Free Writing No. 12 – Dreams

This is strongly influenced by HP Lovecraft’s Dream Cycle work, although without psychic cats. It’s in present tense, which is a bit… well, it’s hard work to be quite honest.


I spin breathlessly beneath the purple sky, my skirt pin wheeling about me as I twist in the warm, gentle breeze. I know that the sky shouldn’t be purple. Of course I know that. It also should crackle with gargantuan bolts of lightning that threaten to rip open the fabric of the world above me. There are things lurking out there in the cold silence of space that want to be let in. They hunger to be let in. I feel the creeping gnawing of dread, but there seems to be a strange mix of energy and hedonism in my blood that overrides it and fills me with a giddy sense of wonder at this alien world I seem to have found myself in.

“How did I get here…?” I wonder aloud to the two gigantic, looming and oppressive moons that hover in the sky – impossibly distant, and yet strangely close. They feel malevolent, like they’d like to devour me from the ground if they could only break from their gravitational prison.

I wrack my brain for how I got her, remembering that I woke in my room, in my house, to purple light sifting through the curtains. Thinking it odd and hoping maybe for an electrical storm, I climbed out of the window and found myself here, in this wonderful, beautiful, oppressively dangerous alien landscape. I stop my pirouette and look this way and that, but my house is nowhere to be seen. The elation that had thundered through my body began to give way to the much more familiar fluttering and shifting of anxiety.

“Hello?” I called, answered only by the faint crackle of celestial lightning someone high above me.

There was no sign of a path, or anything resembling it, just acres of black sand spotted with strange, spiked plants that stood hundreds of feet high.

“You are lost…” A voice punctuates the heavy silence. It’s soft and feels amused, but I can’t see the source of it. The area around me is all open spaces and there’s nowhere to hide. In the distance, I see a silent shriek of purple lightning hit a gigantic plant. It is disintegrated instantly.

“Yes… I am. My house was just here…” I reply to the voice. It giggles, a harsh, high pitched noise that makes my stomach turn. I lose balance for a second at the sound, my head shuddering involuntarily and my hands clenching and unclenching at their own volition.

“Little ape, you are not meant for here…” It hisses softly, a noise like the shifting of sand.

“Ape? Excuse you?” Some of my attitude returns to me.

“I am not to be excused. I am celestial. Eternal. I will still be in the universe when your entire species has been swallowed by the sun.” There’s an edge to the voice now, clearly I offended it by not bowing in worship.

“And despite all of this, you hide in a desert to torment a lost teenage girl?” I ask. I know getting a rise out of the voice is probably not a sensible idea, but my mouth never did listen to reason.

“Petulant little thing… Aren’t you?” There’s amusement back in its voice.

“So my teachers keep telling me.” I reply, smiling. I feel much more at ease now. Maybe I’ve made a friend. That would probably come in handy.

“Teachers are afraid of you. You have potential they never did. They resent your untapped future. You have an infinite amount of possibilities ahead of you while theirs dwindle every day.”

“I like the sound of that, but mostly I’m just a gobby cow. Look, I always prefer to look who I’m talking to in the eye… Do you think we could observe a little social convention?”

“So be it.” The voice has lowered several octaves, now the leaden depth of a mausoleum door swinging shut.

The black sand begins to shift and swirl, hissing and crackling as it does so. I see tiny shots of static electricity racing across it as it grinds together. From beneath the sand, something huge shifts and unfurls itself. A creature beyond anything of Earth. Beyond science fiction and horror movies. It stands thousands of feet high, silhouetted against the rich purple sky, and I scream. I scream and scream until my mind refuses to acknowledge the horror in front of me, and the world goes black.


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