Hello everone!

My name is Darran, 25 years old, and I’m currently the Children’s Bookseller for Waterstones Northallerton (@WstonesNorthal or www.facebook.com/waterstones.northallerton). I’ve been doing the job for a few years now, and I love it with all my heart. I set up a blog because quite frankly, some of the books I read are just too good NOT to shout about! Most of them tend to be Teen/Young Adult stuff, but sometimes younger books slip through, because ultimately I’m a child at heart. Oh, and I read a lot of Graphic Novels too!

Outside of the big W, I’m a passionate musician, playing bass guitar in a prog-rock-ish outfit called That Hideous Summer, and constantly listening to music, discovering new bands, and, money permitting, going to gigs. I’m also a great big science nerd, although completely amateur, but I love astronomy, astrophysics and physics in general. I do a lot of gaming, especially on my Xbox 360, and I can be found HERE.

I suppose that’s all there is to say about me. I can be found on Twitter (@ShinraAlpha), where all opinions are my own, and swear words may crop up a lot.

All my reviews can also be found on www.waterstones.com, and I would kindly ask you to check out your nearest branch if any have caught your eye. Bookshops and their expert staff are something we take for granted. You’ll miss them when they’re gone…


6 responses to “About

  1. Darran! I’m leaving you a comment here because somehow I feel it gets in the way of your book reviews less than if I were to leave a comment on one of them. Hi there! I have a blog now too. There’s very very little in mine.

    • Hi Amy! I saw your blog via Twitter, and thought it can’t hurt to know as many people from the big W as I can. I’m only just out of my first year, so still a bit green!


      • Ahh, the addictive Twitter beast! Handy thing it can be, though. I’ve not worked for the company all that long, only a few years. On my fourth branch now. Can’t say I miss looking after the kids section!

  2. Hi Darran ! I’m a teen thinking of starting a Book Review blog.. Any Tips !
    Have got some exams coming up soon so would like some advise on how often I should blog
    Thanks ! Any advise would be awesome.

    • Hey! I don’t take it so seriously, so I blog as often as I feel I can. Sometimes I’ll save up two or three titles & do a load of reviews at once, but sometimes I’ll dip into “Adult” Fiction (Mostly George R.R. Martin of late…) & won’t blog for like a month! Whatever feels natural.

      My biggest advice is to sign up to something like Twitter! Michael Grant retweeted my Light review & I got a load of hits on it. It’s also a great way to contact authors & publishers & try to hunt out proof copies of any upcoming titles!

      Hope that helps, & best of luck with your exams!

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